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Friday, October 16, 2020

Navratri Guidelines Gujarat 2020

Navratri Guidelines Gujarat 2020

Garba planning has not been approved in the state this year due to Corona’s calamity. On the other hand,even if you have to do Aarti in your society, you have to get the permission of the compulsory police.An hour has been allotted for Pooja and Aarti.According to the police, a large number of people gather in the society during Aarti.Due to which social distance is not maintained.People will have to stand at the place of Aarti by marking at a distance of 6-6 feet so that social distance is maintained.

The guideline has been announced by the police in a press conference in Ahmedabad today.Following which the chairman or secretary of the society will now have to seek permission in this matter.
Navaratri Guidelines Gujarat
No planning will be done in the containment zone.
Permission must be sought from the local police station.
There must be a distance of six feet between two persons.
One hour will be allowed for Pooja Aarti. Idols and photos cannot be touched during Pooja or Aarti.
Open prasad cannot be given, package prasad has to be given in packet.
People distributing prasad must wear the necessary thermal scanning,and an oximeter to wear masks and gloves.
Pan masala cannot be consumed in public. If the young children and the elderly are not present, the necessary 3 idols cannot be dismantled.
Ravana Dahan,and Sneha cannot be reconciled.
In order to stand in Aarti and Pooja,it will be necessary to do foot print or even a round.
Do not gather more than 200 in Navratri.
Praying with social disturbance. Ravana Dahan and Garba will not be performed on Dussehra.
Sheri Garba requires the approval of the local police.
Handwashing,sanitizer facilities will all be mandatory.
There will be a complete ban on spitting during the ceremony as well as consumption of pan-masala,gutkha.
Adults above 65 years of age,children below 10 years of age, pregnant mothers as well as persons suffering from other ailments should not participate in such ceremonies.
If such ceremonies are held in halls,hotels, banquet halls,auditoriums,wedding halls of caste societies,town halls or other closed venues,they may be held within the limits of 50 per cent or a maximum of 200 persons

The city police commissioner has issued a notification regarding Navratri in Ahmedabad.Premveer Singh,Additional Commissioner,Special Branch,said that no more than 200 people could gather in one place during Navratri.Aarti has to be done with social distance.So Ravana Dahan and Garba cannot be organized this year.One hour will be allowed for Pooja-Aarti.Statues or photos cannot be touched.

Open Offerings Cannot Be Made

Offerings can only be given in packets. Open offerings cannot be made. People distributing prasad are required to wear masks and hand socks. Police permission has to be sought for everything from Mataji’s establishment to Aarti. It is also mandatory to get the permission of the local police for holding street garba. Organizers have to have thermal scanning and oxy meters. So no planning can be done in the containment zone.

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