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Thursday, December 10, 2020

Gujarati Stickers for WhatsApp - Gujju Stickers apps can send you Gujarati or stickers in WhatsApp.

Gujarati Stickers for WhatsApp - Gujju Stickers apps can send you Gujarati or stickers in WhatsApp.

With this app you can create your own personal stickers with background eraser in the app. You can WAStickerApps support stickers, personal text stickers, personal cartoon stickers etc. with the sticker editor in the app.

There are stickers in different languages ​​like Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi, English, Gujarati, Telugu / Tamil stickers, Marathi, Kannada and we are adding stickers in different languages ​​for apps every day.

Pack of newly added stickers:

- Valentine's Day stickers for WhatsApp.
- Merry Christmas stickers for WhatsApp.
- Happy New Year to WhatsApp.
- Good morning stickers.
- Good night stickers.
- Pubg stickers for WhatsApp.
- Pubg phrases.
- Happy Diwali Stickers Pack for WhatsApp.
- Independence Day stickers for WhatsApp.
- Lord Krishna stickers for WhatsApp.
- God stickers for WhatsApp.
- Islamic stickers for WhatsApp.
- Ganapati Bapa Stickers.
- Lord Hanumanji stickers.
- Trend stickers.
- Guarding stickers.
- Christian stickers.
- Kiss stickers for WhatsApp.
- Love stickers for WhatsApp.
- Morning Shayari for WhatsApp.
- Gujarati inspiration for WhatsApp.
- Gujarati Shayari Majak for WhatsApp.
- Gujarati Love Story Stickers.
- Mahona stickers.
- Tarak Mehta Stickers
- Jethalal stickers.
- Come Medi Factory Stickers.
- Gujju Love Shayari Stickers.
- Gujju inspiration stickers

How to use:

- Install and open "Gujju Sticker" application

- Check all the stickers in the list.

- Tap on '+' or add to WhatsApp.

- Confirm with "OK", it will be added successfully.

- Open the WhatsApp app and anyone's open chat screen.

- Tap on emoji to see emoji and stickers.

- You will see a new stickers icon at the bottom.

- Tap on it, you will get added stickers.

- It is. Enjoy.

* Note:

- This app will work only when the WhatsApp stickers feature is enabled.


The name "WhatsApp" is a copyright copyright of WhatsApp, there is no sticker pack for WhatsApp.

The way is associated with sponsorship or endorsement by VSAP, Inc.
Content in our application infringes any copyright Please let us know so we can remove it

Gujarati Stickers APK FILE
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Changed bike seat rules, read new government rules otherwise

Changed bike seat rules, read new government rules otherwise

In view of the increasing number of road accidents, the government has decided to make some changes in the construction of vehicles and the facilities available in them. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has changed a number of rules in view of safety. Then some new rules have also been implemented.

The ministry’s new guideline has been issued for bike riders. The guideline states that people sitting in the back seat of a bike driver must follow these rules. The new rules are as follows.

🔹Hand hold behind the driver's seat

🔹Directions for light container installation

🔹Also a new guideline for tires

1. Hand hold behind the driver's seat

Hand hold is required on both sides of the back seat of the bike as per the guideline of the ministry.

The hand hold is for the safety of the occupant. If the bike driver suddenly brakes, he can catch it. Along with this a stand with feet on both sides is required for those sitting in the back. In addition at least half of the left side of the rear tire of the bike should be securely covered. So that the clothes of the person sitting behind do not get into the wheel.

2 Directions for lightweight container installation

The ministry has issued guidelines for installing lightweight containers in bikes. The length of this container should not exceed 550 mm, width 510 mm and height 500 mm. Only the driver will be allowed if the container is placed in the rear ride position. Meaning no one else sits on the bike. The other person can sit on the bike if placed behind the rear seat.

3. Also new guideline regarding tires

The government has recently issued a new guideline on tires. Under this, a tire pressure monitoring system is recommended for vehicles weighing up to a maximum of 3.5 tons. The sensor in this system provides the driver with the information about the air condition in the tires of the vehicle.

The ministry has also considered tire service. Implementing this will eliminate the need for extra tires in the car. The government has been changing the road safety rules from time to time. The last few years have seen an emphasis on tightening road safety regulations.

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We Provide Complete Examination Material For Examination Conducted From TET, HIT, TET, Police Examination, Clerk Examination, GPSC Examination, Panchayat Clerical Examination And Other Gujarat Levels.Every Day For The Latest Offers Of Various Brands And Other Technology Updates.
They equip students with lots of knowledge, skills and positive attitudes so that students can never feel lost and go ahead. They help students to get sure about their goals of education through clear vision and ideas. Without teachers in the life one cannot grow mentally, socially and intellectually.

They push all the students to do their best. They make learning process very interesting as well as creative. Teachers try their best to bring all the students on the right track by motivation them positively towards study. Good teachers leave good impression over their students.

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Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Voice Changer Mobile Apps

Voice Changer Mobile Apps.

Record your voice, apply effects, and share them with your friends!

Change your voice and have fun listening to your modified voice!
Record your voice, apply effects, and share them with your friends.

Helium, robot, giant, backwards, monster, extraterrestrial, zombie, alien, squirrel, drunk... and many more!


🙏Watch Pm modi Live speech

FEATURES:✓ Share (whatsapp, e-mail, etc...)
✓ Save recording
✓ Piano
✓ Create image with sound. You can share it on Facebook
✓ Import pre-recorded sound
✓ Create voice from text
✓ Set as ringtone
✓ Set as notification sound

External storage access permission is only used for save your recordings, and read your images allowing you to create videos. If you need more information, please contact to: Privacy policy:

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Airtel, JIO, Airtel Coronavirus Caller Tune Deactivate: Reliance Jio, Airtel and Vodafone recently started playing a recorded message with a coughing sound followed by a disclaimer regarding coronavirus. Here's how you can stop it.

Airtel, JIO, Airtel Coronavirus Caller Tune Deactivate: Reliance Jio, Airtel and Vodafone recently started playing a recorded message with a coughing sound followed by a disclaimer regarding coronavirus. Here's how you can stop it.

Find out about jobs, which is a job search app designed to help you every step of the way. Get free access to millions of job postings, personalize your search, connect with employers and submit job applications - all from the Activity app.

From search to implementation, the app actually helps you through the whole process of getting a job that is right for you.
Create an alert to notify about specific jobs
The research
Use the Career Guide to prepare for all stages of your job search process
Access millions of company reviews for free
See how users score companies on work pleasure
Review the salary for the job title by company and location before applying

Use your Act Resume to easily apply jobs on the app
Personalize one message for each task before applying
Message employers to ask a question or highlight qualifications
Track the status of your application for multiple job.
If the message still continues after pressing the # button on iOS, or a number on Android, you will have to press it once again as the telecom service provider might not have noted the first click at all.
By using this trick you can stop the message from playing. However, it will completely not stop and play the next time you are making a call. To make it completely stop you can think of making calls over WhatsApp, Google Duo, Facebook Messenger or more. All of which do not play the message at the beginning of a call.

Reliance Jio, Airtel and Vodafone recently started playing a recorded message with a coughing sound followed by a disclaimer regarding coronavirus. The coughing sound has been removed according to the telecom service providers, however, in our experience, it is still coming but very rarely. The sound and this disclaimer are quite irritating for some people, who have taken to Twitter, complaining about the same. Here’s how you can stop the disclaimer from playing:
[Deactivate the message only when you have heard the notification enough times and do not need to hear it repeatedly.]
By downloading this app, you agree to the Facts Cookie Policy, Privacy Policy and Terms of Service found at, where you can avail of your rights at any time, including a valid interest Including the right to object to the use of your personal data for marketing purposes. In order to provide you with certain services and advertising attribution, user data, such as your IP address or other specific identifiers and event data, you may be shared with certain service providers related to the installation of the ACT app when you download it. Or install. Application.

This is actually done for the legitimate interest of allowing our users to understand and optimize the entire customer journey:

Helping us understand how users actually arrive
Better measure the performance of our advertisements;
User login facility through third party accounts in some cases; And
helps us understand where the user actually reaches through various devices
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Daily astrology
Know what your stars say about romance, career, health, money and get more daily horoscope updates from well-known experts

• Gathering personal headlines through a recommended stream of news, videos and photos (photos)
• Browse by themes - a personalized home screen with easy access to your favorite topics. Add topics to your news house
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Government announces ‘CO-WIN’ mobile app for COVID-19 vaccine delivery

Government announces ‘CO-WIN’ mobile app for COVID-19 vaccine delivery

NEW DELHI: The central government has introduced a new digital platform called 'CO-WIN' for COVID-19 vaccine delivery. There will be a new mobile app as well with the same name that will allow people to register for the vaccine.
The platform will be used for recording vaccine data and will form a database of healthcare workers too. All COVID-19 related data necessary for the delivery of the vaccine is presently being uploaded on the CO-WIN platform.

The app will have separate modules for administrator, registration, vaccination, beneficiary acknowledgement and reports. Once people start to register for the app, the platform will upload bulk data on co-morbidity provided by local authorities.

The CO-WIN. app is yet to be available for smartphone users and it is expected that it will be publicly available soon. The different modules of the platform cater to the entire process of COVID-19 vaccination starting from registration to verification.

In a significant development, the Union Health Ministry has developed a mobile application named Co-WIN which will help the authorities in real-time monitoring of COVID-19 vaccine delivery. The app will also be used to record data and help people register themselves for vaccination.

Addressing a press conference on Tuesday, Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan said Co-WIN will play an important role in monitoring the entire vaccination process.

“The vaccination module will verify beneficiary details and update vaccination status while the beneficiary acknowledgement module will send SMS to beneficiaries and also generate QR-based certificates after one gets vaccination,” as per a report by PTI. The CO-WIN platform will also be used to send real time temperature details of storage facilities to the main servers.

In a significant development, the Union Health Ministry has developed a mobile application named Co-WIN which will help the authorities in real-time monitoring of COVID-19 vaccine delivery. The app will also be used to record data and help people register themselves for vaccination.

Addressing a press conference on Tuesday, Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan said Co-WIN will play an important role in monitoring the entire vaccination process.

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Pradhan Mantri Mudra Loan Yojana 2020

Pradhan Mantri Mudra Loan Yojana 2020, Pradhan Mantri Mudra Loan Yojana was launched by the Prime Minister of our country, Shri Narendra Modi in the year 2015, under this scheme, the people of the country to start their own small business loans up to Rs 10 lakh loan (Up to 10 lakh loan will be given to start small business).

If any person wants to pursue his business, then he can also take loan under this scheme. Dear readers, today we are going to provide you all the information related to this Pradhan Mantri Mudra Loan Scheme 2020 like application process, documents, eligibility etc.
Pradhan Mantri Mudra Loan Yojana Objective

The main objective of this scheme is that a lot of people in the country want to start your own business but do not start due to lack of money has started to plan the central government to the people , Prime Minister currency loan scheme Under 2020 , beneficiaries can start their own small business by taking Mudra loans.
There are Three type of Pradhan Mantri Mudra Loan Yojana
Shishu Loan: Under this type of Mudra scheme, loans up to ₹ 50000 will be allocated to the beneficiaries.
Kishore Loan: Under this type of Mudra scheme, beneficiaries of loans ranging from ₹ 50000 to ₹ 500000 will be allocated.
Tarun Loan: Under this type of Mudra scheme, loans ranging from ₹ 500000 to ₹ 1000000 will be allocated to the beneficiaries.
Pradhan Mantri Mudra Loan Yojana Benefits

Under this scheme, citizens of the country will be given loans without any guarantee to start their business. Apart from this, no processing charge is also charged for the loan. In the Mudra scheme, the repayment period can be extended to 5 years. The borrower gets a Mudra card, with the help of which can be spent on business needs.P

radhan Mantri Mudra Loan Yojana Documents List 2020
People who start small business and who want to grow their small business can also apply for loan under this Pradhan mantri Mudra Loan Scheme 2020.
The person taking loan should not be less than 18 years of age.
Applicant should not be a defaulter in any bank
Aadhar Card
Pan Card
Permanent address of application
Business address and proof of establishment
Balance Sheet for last three years
Income Tax Returns or Self tax Returns
Passport size photo
Pradhan Mantri Mudra Loan Yojana Applying Procedur
After this, a new page will open in front of you.
You have to download the application form from this page.
After this you will have to take a print out of this application form.
Now you have to fill all the important information asked in the application form carefully.
After this you have to attach all the important documents.
Now you have to submit this application form to your nearest bank.
After verification of your application, you will be given a loan within 1 month.
Pradhan Mantri Mudra Loan Yojana Helpline Numbers
Maharashtra 18001022636
Chandigarh 18001804383
Andaman and Nicobar 18003454545
Arunachal Pradesh 18003453988
Bihar 18003456195
Andra Pradesh 18004251525
Assam 18003453988
Daman and Diu 18002338944
Dadra Nagar Haveli 18002338944
Gujarat 18002338944
Goa 18002333202
Himachal Pradesh 18001802222
Haryana 18001802222
Jharkhand 18003456576
Jammu and Kashmir 18001807087
Kerala 180042511222
Karnataka 180042597777
Lakshadweep 4842369090
Meghalaya 18003453988
Manipur 18003453988
Mizoram 18003453988
Chhattisgarh 18002334358
Madhya Pradesh 18002334035
Nagaland 18003453988
NCT of Delhi 18001800124
Odisha 18003456551
Punjab 18001802222
Puducherry 18004250016
Rajasthan 18001806546
Sikkim 18004251646
Tripura 18003453344
Tamil Nadu 18004251646
Telangana 18004258933
Uttarakhand 18001804167
Uttar Pradesh 18001027788
West Bengal 1800345334

Go to the official website of Mudra Yojana.

Now the home page will open in front of you.
On the home page you will see the types of Mudra Yojana which is something like this.
PMMY KitCommon Loan Application form for Kishor and Tarun DOWNLOAD

Application Form for Shishu DOWNLOAD

Check list for Shishu Application DOWNLOAD
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3D Logo Maker On your Mobile

3D Logo Maker On your Mobile

Logo Maker Plus is not only designed for logos but it "Logo Maker Free" also have the key feature of Business Card Maker and Visiting Card Maker app.

3D logo maker is 3d game maker studio,ilustrador 3d,intro 3d,3d letter maker,editor de slogan,title maker,logo makers,diseno grafico de logos,modifier logo application,3d logo maker,skapa logga,design incorporated,decision maker 3d,logo tv.

Logo Maker Free pro 3d game maker studio, ilustrador 3d Logo Creator & Logo Generator Icon Maker 2020.

Logo Maker pro is Logo Generator is a professional logo design studio that lets you create powerful branding for your business in a matter of Minutes.It provides everything you need to get started.It only takes a moments to create your own logo in a couple of easy steps
Our Logo Maker is a Fully Loaded Logo Designer App To Create Professional, Unique,Cool and Impressive Logos.logo maker for photography,logo designing software and logo maker for business with logo maker free 3d letter maker, editor de slogan,title maker

વિડીયો અહિંથી જુઓ
Now You Don't Need To pay a freelancer,Designer or an Artist You Can Create Original Logos with logo design maker,Using A-Lot of Elements and Editing Options,There is no Limit on Creativity.We have Provided you Many Logos,icons With a Better Control there is a Good Collection of 2d Logos and 3D logos You can Say it is a 3D logo maker too.We also have provided many background options you can add logos to you photos also you can add gradients and logo for youtube, colors and etc.logo foundry and logo art.logo adder to pics and watermark on pics with logo builder and logo editor.

The best text editing options you can add or edit your text freely You can change color of your text and you can use any font style it has many font styles you can easily apply any font it contains 2D font styles and 3D font styles it is the best tool ever You can use it as stylish text on photo,3D stylish text on Photo because you can write text on Your photos,logo generator,logo in picture,you can use it as icon designer maker make or generate icons you no more need to use heavy designing software or hiring a professional to create a logo or icon for you or your brand it is the best Logo maker - Logo Creator,Logo Generator & Logo Designer,logo name maker with Following

A Unique Typography, Artistic Logo Designer With A-Lot of Symbolic Options.
A-Lot Of Logos, Icon & Symbols
With multiple Choice of 2D & 3D Logo Designs
Huge Collection of Graphic Designing Elements
Multiple Backgrounds, Gradients,Textures and Color options
You can add Logo to your Own Photo
Professional Photo Editing & Text editing Tools
You can Use can Add 2D Fonts and 3D fonts To you Photos

Professional Layer management functions
Professional tools For Recoloring & EditingLogo Maker Makes Different Categories of Logos Like :
Logo maker For Business
Logo Maker For Photography
Logo Maker For Professionals
Logo maker For Youtube Channel Cover Or Icon
Logo Maker For Branding & Websites
Logo Maker For android Apps.
logo quiz
Contains many Logo templates.
Generate logo for social media cover photo.

important Link
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Exclude monsoon / raincoat, Ambalal Patel's big forecast regarding rains in Gujarat

Exclude monsoon / raincoat, Ambalal Patel's big forecast regarding rains in Gujarat

Good news / New Year will be fruitful for government employees, salary is going to increase so much 6s Reserve Bank of India 18U 55796 RESERVE BANK OF INDIA Rs {{09. RAT) 4c6 55796 SERVE BANK OF INOU 04 Dec 2020, 10:16 AM Loading.

The government is going to give New Year gifts to the central government employees soon. Some reports suggest an increase in the salaries of central employees may be announced by the government later this month. The government may increase the central inflation allowance i.e. DA. 

Ambalal Patel's official monsoon forecast from June 29

Monsoon starts in Gujarat from June 28-29

Scattered rains in Gujarat from 9 to 11 June

government can drastically increase the salaries of its employees so that about 50 lakh central employees are expected to benefit. Salary to go up to Rs 21,000 It is being said that the Modi government may take a decision on increasing the salary at the next cabinet meeting.

And approved an increase in the salaries of the employees of the Family Welfare Organization.

minimum salary of Rs 26,000 Central employees

✔️Vtv ન્યૂઝ રિપોર્ટ ગુજરાતી માં વાંચવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો.

have been demanding for a long time that the minimum salary should be Rs 26,000. At present he gets Rs 18,000. If the salary of the 7th Pay Commission is increased, this complaint of the central employees will also be remove
Tribute: Ahmed Patel's demise not only hurts Congress but also the state Admit Card 2021 / CBSE has made major changes in 10th and 12th standard admit cards, big news for students Local body elections may be held, 6 Manpani deadlines meet by December 13 Disclaimer - Thee 
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Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Bhavnagar Municipal Corporation (BMC) Final Answer key

Bhavnagar Municipal Corporation (BMC) Final Answer key for Pediatrician, Medical Officer, FHW, Lab. Technician, MPHW & Pharmacist Posts 2020

Bhavnagar Municipal Corporation (BMC) Final Answer key for Pediatrician, Medical Officer, FHW, Lab. Technician, MPHW & Pharmacist Posts 2020

Bhavnagar Municipal Corporation (BMC) has published the Final Answer key for Pediatrician, Medical Officer, FHW, Lab. Technician, MPHW & Pharmacist Posts 2020, Check below for more details.
Bhavnagar Municipal Corporation is local self-government that came into being under the provisions of the Gujarat Provincial Municipal Corporation Act, 1949 carries out all the obligatory & discretionary functions prescribed thereunder.
Final Answer key: 

Click Here

Medical Officer:
Click Here

Female Health Worker (FHW):
Click Here

Lab. Technician:
Click Here

Multi-Purpose Health Worker (MPHW):
Click Here

Click Here

Final Answer key Notification:
Click Here

The exam was held on 01-11-2020
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The most popular puzzle,online education methods to supply students a number of the simplest distance learning

The most popular puzzle,online education methods to supply students a number of the simplest distance learning

Many top universities within the us developed competitive models of digital learning and adapted their curricula to online education methods to supply students a number of the simplest distance learning courses possible.
Smart puzzles - a collection of puzzles in one nice design, lots of games in one game. We have put together different cool puzzle games in one game that takes up less space.

The smart puzzle game is perfect for those who prefer brain games, brain training or logic games.

The main advantages of our game:

The game takes up little space
The game takes up little space and so it will be easy and comfortable to play even on weak devices.

It's a game that works without the internet
Our game is simple and easy to play without internet connection. Play your favorite game without internet.

- Multiple games in one game
The most popular puzzles in our game were collected in large numbers. There are over 5000 levels with different blocks, shapes and forms. Our game follows games that do not require much memory.

- New game

The game was created in 2018, so you will see a large number of interesting levels that you have not yet seen. New games, new challenges and many new levels, these are just what is in our game.

- Useful and brain-developed gameIt’s the best exercise to keep your brain in shape. Our game uses brain training techniques - go to simple but complex levels, gradually increase your IQ. The results of your IQ measurement will be displayed during the game.

- A game for the whole familyThis game is suitable for both adults and children. This game can be played by 3 year olds, as we have divided all the levels into 6 groups based on their complexity. So, our puzzle is for the whole family. Jigs for adults without internet. Puzzles.

So, if you're trying to find a versatile thanks to study also because the recognition of graduation from an American university, here are a number of the U.S. universities which supply distance-learning Master’s programmes and distance learning Bachelor’s programmes you ought to definitely check out:

These 5 WhatsApp tricks are great, if you can hear the voice message like a call and send a photo, the quality will not decrease.

Although many users use WhatsApp every day, not many people know about its interesting and useful trick. Today we are going to tell you about 5 tricks that work and you probably know about it …
Can listen to audio message voice call way
Audio messages sent on WhatsApp cannot be heard in public. Many people keep looking for privacy to listen to a voice message, but now you can hear a voice message like a call. You don’t even need earphones for this and the person standing in front can’t even hear you. All you have to do is play the voice message and move the phone close to your ear as if you were making a call. This will allow the phone’s proximity sensor to switch from the audio main speaker to the earpiece, allowing you to hear the sound.
Chat on Gmail can be saved forever
You can send WhatsApp chats to anyone using Gmail. You can save WhatsApp chats forever by sending them to your personal Gmail account. To do this, go to WhatsApp settings and go to Export Chat in the chat history. Here you can select the contact whose chat you want to save on Gmail. You can also decide whether to export chat with media file or without media file.
Limit the data used in WhatsApp
WhatsApp has an option to restrict the data used by it. For that you have to select WhatsApp Settings-> Data and storage usage. You can select what type of media you want to automatically download, or allow different when using mobile data, WiFi or roaming. When you click on any one, you will have the option to select the media (photo, audio, video and document).
Sending does not reduce the resolution of the photo
When you send a photo to WhatsApp, the app resizes it that way. This impairs the original quality of the photo. WhatsApp has a special feature if you are also facing this problem. You can send a photo to a document. This will allow you to send the photo in its original quality. The way to do that is, when you are sending a photo on WhatsApp, go to the attachment in the chat and tap on the document. You can then select the photo from the Browse document that you want to send in the original resolution.
These 5 WhatsApp tricks are great, if you can hear the voice message like a call and send a photo, the quality will not decrease

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NIRD&PR Recruitment 2021 for 510 Coordinator, Fellow, Resource Person and Other Posts, Apply

NIRD&PR Recruitment 2021 for 510 Coordinator, Fellow, Resource Person and Other Posts, Apply

NIRD&PR Recruitment 2021: National Institute of Rural Development and Panchayati Raj (NIRD & PR) has invited applications for recruitment to the post of Coordinator, Fellow, Resource Person and Others. Interested candidates can apply to the posts through the online mode at on or before 29 December 2020.

NIRDPR Recruitment 2021

NIRD&PR Recruitment 2021: National Institute of Rural Development and Panchayati Raj (NIRD & PR) has invited applications for recruitment to the post of Coordinator, Fellow, Resource Person and Others. Interested candidates can apply to the posts through the online mode at on or before 29 December 2020.

Around 510 vacancies will be recruited out of which 250 vacancies are for Young Fellow, 250 are for Cluster Level Resource Person and 10 are for State Programme Coordinator. Check application process, educational qualification, age limit, qualification, experience, selection criteria and other details.
Job Summary
Notification NIRD&PR Recruitment 2021 for 510 Coordinator, Fellow, Resource Person and Other Posts, Apply
Notification Date Dec 8, 2020
Last Date of Submission Dec 29, 2020
Country India
Organization National Institute of Rural Development and Panchayati Raj
Education Qual Senior Secondary, Post Graduate, Other Qualifications
Functional Administration, Other Functional Area

Important Dates:
Last date for submission of application: 29 December 2020

NIRD&PR Recruitment 2021 Vacancy Details
State Programme Coordinator - 10 Posts
Young Fellow - 250 Posts
Cluster Level Resource Person - 250 Posts

NIRD&PR Recruitment 2021 Eligibility Criteria
Educational Qualification:
State Programme Coordinator - PG (Relevant Discipline) with Experience.
Young Fellow - PG Degree/ Diploma (Relevant Discipline) with Experience.
Cluster Level Resource Person - XII/ 12th Class with Experience.

NIRD&PR Recruitment 2021 Age Limit
State Programme Coordinator - 30 – 50 years
Young Fellow - 21 – 30 Years
Cluster Level Resource Person - 25 – 40 Years

There will be age relaxation for reserved category candidates as per government norms.

NIRD&PR Recruitment 2021 Experience
State Programme Coordinator - 5 years
Young Fellow - 0-5 Years
Cluster Level Resource Person - 5 years

Download NIRD&PR Recruitment 2021 Notification PDF Here

NIRD&PR Recruitment 2021 Apply Online

How to apply for NIRD&PR Recruitment 2021
Interested candidates can apply online on or before 29 December 2020. After submitting the application, the candidates can take a printout of the application for future reference
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Things to keep in mind before issuing school leaving certificate to be given within 7 (seven) days of receipt of application.

In which language to give school leaving certificate. To give c in Gujarati in primary school Gujarati medium. આપ Provide LC English in primary school English medium. To give Lc in Gujarati medium in both Gujarati and English language in secondary and upper secondary school. Providing English in English medium in secondary and higher secondary school.

અહીંથી વાંચો શાળા શરૂ થવા બાબત ના સમાચાર

Providing English in English medium in secondary and higher secondary school. Things to keep in mind while writing the school leaving certificate The principal has full authority to issue duplicate Lc. Duplicate: Duplicate Lc can be given only to the student or his / her guardian. It is up to the discretion of the principal. Duplicate c can be issued by the principal after obtaining proper grounds for issuing duplicate.

There is no rule for duplicates but only for duplicates. If you have to give Lc for the third time, it is also called duplicate c. Rs 5 (five) can be taken each time the student is given Lc free for the first time. Write the summary details of c on the cover of LC book or write the date of LC. (So that LC abuse can be prevented). When admitting students, check immediately that there are no empty columns. The details are signed, not too much. Etc. and return immediately if correction is found. Not admitting a student to a school without an LC. Not giving admission in the hope of meeting KC. Once admitted to the school (not to return the old school to the student under any circumstances after being noted in the General Register.

Not a single note which is not in the General Register. To verify the c after getting admission. To amend the note in the General Register only after amending the rules. The General Register note cannot be amended by the competent authority once the student has appeared for the public examination, but only after the approval of the competent authority on the order of the First Class Magistrate.

The amendment in the General Register note cannot be made by the competent authority once the student has appeared for the public examination. But it can be done only after the approval of the competent authority based on the order of the first class magistrate. If there are more mistakes, make a new one and CANCEL the old one. Students who have passed Std-9 or 10 in the school are not given to the student as they have to study in the upper standard of the school, which is not a good thing.

To certify the amendment by signing the principal in both ic and half of ic and no. Do not make such amendment later. When more than one amendment is certified in Lc, sign all the amendments in full by the principal. . If there is no principal, the authorized person / officer can sign. In Lc, the principal should sign only after comparing with the age certificate.

There must be a coin with the principal’s signature on both the LC and half of the bottom. . . . . . Use only brown or black pen when writing LC. (Do not use green, red pen) Do not use gel pen while writing Lc. The back of the LC should be marked with a carbon paper imprint. The LC book should already have a serial number so that the LC is not misused.



Click here to Download Pdf File
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Devbhoomi Dwarka Bharti Melo | New Date Declared

Devbhoomi Dwarka Bharti Melo | New Date Declared

Devbhoomi Dwarka Bharti Melo | New Date Declared :- Army bharti rally melo Rajkot, Jamnagar, Amreli, Bhuj, Bhavnagar, Junagarh, Surendranagar, Porbandar, Devbhumi Dwarka army rally bharti districts of Gujrat State and Diu (Union Territory). Eligibility criteria age, height, weight, chest, physical test, medical test, written test for BRO Jamnagar army recruitment rally. ARO Jamnagar army bharti rally date and notification details given belo

Rally Bharti for son, brother of servicemen, ex-servicemen, Relation Bharti, NCC Candidate Army Bharti, Sportsmen Army Bharti, Outsider Sanction Army Bharti, Relaxation in army Bharti, Priority in Army Recruitment Rally Devbhumi Dwarka Latest Up-date, Schedule, Program, Notification Devbhumi Dwarka Army Bharti Rally Programme.

Army Recruitment Rally Bharti Program Devbhumi Dwarka 2020-2021: Devbhumi Dwarka district Army Bharti Rally Schedule program notification ARO Jamnagar. Devbhumi Dwarka Army Rally Bharti date of online application registration, Admit Card, Physical Test, Time Table, PFT, PST, Medical Exam, Written Exam Syllabus, Exam Pattern Devbhumi Dwarka Army Rally. Devbhumi DwarkaGujarat Army

Candidates for army bharti found eligible in Physical Fitness Test, Physical Measurement Test will have to go through medical examination. All candidates are advised to visit on Medical Test Preparation Tip for easily success in Medical Test and, you must visit on how medical exam is done? during army medical test of Complete Body also study Army Bharti Medical Test.

Important Links

Official Notification | Official Website
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GSERC Shikshan Sahayak Bharti 2020 - Government Secondary & Higher Secondary Teacher Recruitment 2020





Gujarat Shikshan Sahayak Bharti 2020 - Government Secondary & Higher Secondary Teacher Recruitment 2020 | TAT Bharti 2020 Latest Updates | TAT Bharti vacant seat 2020 | TAT Bharti Merit list 2020 | Shikshan Sahayak bharti merit list 2020 | TAT Pml 1 | TAT PML 2 | TAT Bharti state wise vacant seats | TAT bharti District wise vacant seats | Shikshan sahayak bharti latest updates 2020

Government Higher Secondary Teacher Bharti 2020

Gujarat State Secondary and Higher Secondary Educational Staff Recruitment Selection Committee Declared Higher secondary Teacher Recruitment 2020. The recruitment of teaching assistants 557
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UGVCL Important Notification Regarding CBT

UGVCL Important Notification Regarding CBT

UGVCL (Uttar Gujarat Vij Company Limited) Important Notice on CBT
Computer-based CBT

Job title
Vidhyut Sahayak (Junior Assistant)
HSE Officer
Assistant HSE Officer
Legal assistant
Junior programmer

Save Energy for Benefit of Self and Nation UGVCL Uttar Gujarat Vij Company Limited cIN - u1o1o2GJ2003sGc042906 (A subsidiary of Gujarat Urja Vikas Nigam Limited) Vidyut Sahayak (Junior Assistant) and other cadres COMPUTER BASED TEST (CBT) Ltd. by Ta. VIDYUT SAHAYAK (JUNIOR ASSISTANT) on 26.12.2019 and Dt. HSE OFFICER, ASSTT on 24.02.2020.

HSE OFFICER, ASSTT. With reference to the advertisements published to fill the vacancies of LAW OFFICER and JUNIOR PROGRAMMER, stating that based on the details of the online application filled by the candidates, the COMPUTER BASED TEST (CBT) examination for the primarily eligible candidates will be held on.

Planned on 22/12/2020, 23/12/2020, 24/12/2020 and 29/12/2020. Candidates are advised to get the Admit Card for this COMPUTER BASED TEST (CBT) examination from the company's website from 08/12/2020. In COMPUTER BASED TEST (CBT) exam, the main admit card and fixed photo ID. It is mandatory to bring a card. Considering the epidemic of COVID-19, it will be mandatory to wear face mask and maintain social distance (distance of two yards) during the main examination as per the guideline of the government.

Admit card, fixed photo ID Candidates without wearing cards and masks will not be allowed to enter the examination venue, of which each candidate should take special note. Contact the helpline number 022-62507753 (Monday to Saturday, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm) or email: helpdesk if you have any problems with the collator / admit card.Special General Manager (MS)


Download Admit card : Click Here
Normalisation Method : Click Here
More Information : Click Here
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RMC Recruitment For Station Officer Posts 2020

RMC Recruitment For Station Officer Posts 2020 | Apply Online :- Rajkot Municipal Corporation (RMC) has published an Advertisement for Station Officer Posts. Interested candidates can Apply Online Through the official Website. For more information related to Education Qualification, Age Limit, Selection Process, How to Apply, Important Dates, and other processes are given below. Also read the official advertisement, before applying.

RMC Recruitment For Station Officer Posts 2020:-

Job Details
Organization Name
Rajkot Municipal Corporation (RMC)

Post Name
Station Officer
Total Post
09 Posts
Please read Official Notification

Educational Qualification: Please read Official Notification
Age Limit:
Minimus - 18 years
Maximus - 30 years

Application Fee: Rs. 500/- for General & Rs.250/- for other categories.
Selection Process: Candidates will be selected based on an interview.
How To Apply: Interested candidates can Apply Online Through the official Website.

Important Dates
Starting Date For Online Registration
Last Date For Online Registration

Important Link
Official Notification

Click Here

Apply Online

Click Here
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Saturday, December 5, 2020

Don't panic if ATM or UPI transaction fails, the bank will pay the penalty.

Don't panic if ATM or UPI transaction fails, the bank will pay the penalty.

Do you know the number of days within which your bank has to reverse debits for failed transactions from your account and the amount of compensation you can get for delay beyond these timelines?

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has issued a circular dated September 20, 2019, on the harmonisation of Turn Around Time (TAT) and customer compensation in case of failed transactions. This means that if the bank does not reverse the money debited from your bank account due to a failed transaction within a specified time period, then they would have to pay a penalty to the customer. The penalty has to be paid on a per day basis for delaying the credit of money into the customer's account.

As per rules, your bank has to pay a penalty to you if it delays reversing debits of failed financial transfers from your account. Therefore, knowing the time allowed for reversal beyond which you can get compensation for different types of transactions such as failed cash withdrawals from ATMs, failed e-commerce payments etc is important.

This would be beneficial for customers as whenever a cash withdrawal from an ATM fails, i.e., you try to withdraw money from the ATM but the machine does not disburse the money, you still get a message from your bank that money has been debited from your account. Even in case of payments made on an e-commerce website, it may so happen that money is debited from your account but is not credited to the seller's account. Consequently, you may be left worried about how long it will take to get the money back in your bank account. These RBI guidelines tell you the maximum time a bank can take to credit your money back in your bank account before the penalties kick in.

According to the RBI circular, the penalty will be paid to you if the bank does not reverse the payment within the specified time period and failure of transaction happens due to reasons beyond your control. Examples of such transactions are - failure in communication link, non-availability of cash, time out sessions etc.

Given below is the turn around time set for banks to auto-reverse the payment debited from your account and the penalty that will be paid to you if the bank takes more than the specified time.

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Friday, December 4, 2020

Gujarat ikhedut portal | Online Registration, Application Status, Schemes List

i Khedut Sahay Yojna For Pashupalan - Khedut Sahay Arji 2021

source :-

i khedut Portal Gujarat Form Online 2021 : ikhedut Online Araji ikhedut i portal. The Farmers who are interested can easily register on this portal for get benefits of Gujarat Government subsidy at

Gujarat Ikhedut Portal Scheme Eligibility

The pre-approval officer approves the applications.
The Verification work is also fully documented after the site check / record-checking.
Gujarat I khedut Portal Online Apply
A Framer Resident of Gujarat can apply for the scheme.
The farmer must have Aadhaar Card.
A Farmer must have a Bank Account.

There are numerous Govt schemes are available on I khedut Portal. Here are the steps you have to follow for applying online:

First of all Visit the Official website of I khedut Portal:

Step by Step i khedut Portal Application Registration.

First Step: i khedut portal Open and Click Yojana Menu

Second Step: Scroll Page and tap Scheme(Yojana)

Third Step: It will show the list of schemes available for that department.
(There are full Details for This Scheme and You are take benefits.

forth Step ( how to apply)

If you are a registered farmer then Select Yes and click on Proceed.
Now click on Apply for New Application.
It will show you a form.
Fill that form and click on Submit

Now, You have successfully applied for Scheme from Gujarat Ikhedut Portal.

Gujarat I khedut Portal Check Application Status or Re-print
After applying online, you will get a notification on your mobile. if you want to check status or Re-print application follow these steps:
First of all Visit the Official website of I khedut Portal:
Scroll down and click on link.
Now Select your Scheme Type. Select the Application number or Receipt Number.
Farmer Portal facilitates a single window solution to the farmers and stakeholders to disseminate the information about the Seed, Farm Machinery, Fertilizers, Farm Dealers

Apply Online for 2021-22 Yojana: Click Here

Official Website: Click Here

Last Date : 01/07/2021

Total Scheme List :

Agriculture is the backbone of the Indian Economy"- said Mahatma Gandhi six decades ago. Even today, the situation is still the same, with almost the entire economy being sustained by agriculture, which is the mainstay of the villages. It contributes 16% of the overall GDP and accounts for employment of approximately 52% of the Indian population. Rapid growth in agriculture is essential not only for self-
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Top 3 in the Google Play in over 40 

countries!The Best Selfie Camera 2019 on Google Play
300 million users worldwide take selfies every day with Sweet Selfie

Taking and editing beautiful photos and videos even boomerang has never been easier. With Sweet Selfie App, you can remove pimples and acnes, smooth skin, brighten eyes, whiten teeth, change skin color, add face filters and photo effects, blur photos backgroundand so much more in this free selfie master app, selfie photo editor.

Free Beauty & Selfie Camera
• Free Beauty camera: Selfie face editor adds a radiant complexion for perfect face and selfie pictures. Easy to slim face, remove acne even whitening teeth.
• Face filters: Real - time face chanegr filters bring you makeovers and funny face swap editor.

Face Filters & Photo Stickers

• Snapchat Face filters: Face Changer provides 1000+ snapchat funny face changer filters to easily get your face swap or makeovers.
• Photo stickers: Tons of cute photo stickers for you to choose, including emoji photo stickers, dog face filters and so much more photo stickers.

Face Editor - Selfie Master
• Slim face: Slimming face editor make your face V• line.
• Acne&pimple remover: Say goodbye to acnes and blemishes! With our acne and pimple remover, you can remove pimples&acnes and unwanted spots with the tap of a finger.

• Teeth whitener: Teeth whitening takes your smile to the next level! Our teeth whitener lets you brighten your smile without over whitening teeth.

• Smooth skin: Smooth skin and remove acne and pimples to get a flawless skin.
• Adjust facial features: Whitening teeth, remove red eyes, plump up lips, grow a taller nose bridge.

Body Editor - Reshape Body
• Smooth skin:Smooth your skin and remove acne from your body.
• Skin color changer: Change your skin color/skin tone to look younger.
• Perfect body shape: Reshape body curves to get slim body, perfect figure, thin waist, long legs, abs. and retouch your face to skinny face.

Advanced Photo Editor
• Cut paste photo editor: Cut out/crop photo background and change the background of your photo.
• Background eraser: Background Remover & Background Eraser Changer is a auto photo background eraser feature with photo background remover for photo editing to make nice picture backdrops.

• Blur photo editor: Choose radical and linear blur effect to blur image background with one tap.

• Collage maker: Create photo collage with hundreds of layouts in seconds. Edit photos with filters for picture, photo stickers, texts and more.
• Photo filters: Shiny photo effects and stylish photo filters to brighten your day. Quick access to your favorite photo filters.
• Photo effects: A full library of artistic photo filters&camera filters for picture, photo effects, photo frames, background blur effect, white borders&more. High quality photo effects perfect for selfies or any occasion.
• Adjust photo editor: Enlarge, Stretch, Slim and Rotate etc.

Free Beauty Makeup Camera
• Free beauty makeup camera looks: Try makeovers from glamorous makeup looks in this selfie master.
• Face editor: Makeup camera includes skin smoother and skin color changer for flawless skin or add freckles.

Collage Maker & Photo Grids
• Photo collage maker provides free preset templates.
• Photo collage maker lets you make grid style pic collage, templated photo collages & freestyle arrangement pic collages.

Easy to Share
• This is free and professional beauty camera & photo editor that gets your picture ready for sharing your pics to popular social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat, Whatsapp & TikTok.

Family Apps: Sweet Snap, StoryChic, Mint. All free and professional beauty camera apps and selfie camera, your selfie master & photo editor!

Click Here To Download
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Download FaceApp- All Face Editor : Great Fun

Download FaceApp- All Face Editor : Great Fun

Rrrently people are sharing social media or image of old age on social media. People are using FaceAppe to make it, which is once again becoming viral. This app is becoming increasingly popular. FaceAp Advance software transforms the user’s cellphone using an eglorum, which is seen in earlier ages.

This app was launched in 2017. However, there are many questions arising on the privacy of this app in the viral. This app uses Neural Network to show older people. Which is an Artificial Intelligence (AI).
Get magazine cover quality for any selfie with just a few taps! Powered by FaceApp AI, the most advanced neural portrait editing technology. Improve your selfie or just have fun with gender swap, hair styling and other free amazing transformations.

FAce App Improve ::::
• Hollywood-ready selfies with the Impression filters
• Change hair color and style
• Apply perfect evening or day makeup
• Find your perfect beard/mustache style
• Add a beautiful smile
• Replace background with a single tap
• Apply color filters, lens blur, and numerous other tools

Have fun Face App :

• Swap genders
• Let AI find your best hairstyle and color
• Change your age
• Add amazing tattoos
• Let AI find the best style for you
• Check out the Hitman, the Heisenberg filters and many other mind-blowing transformations

First thing’s first: What is FaceApp?
FaceApp is a photo-morphing app that uses what it calls artificial intelligence and neural face transformations to make creepy, hilarious, weird, and sometimes fascinating alterations to faces. The app can use photos from your library or you can snap a photo within the app. If you’ve got a huge photo library, you’ll like this: The app can scan your photo library and pull out only the photos that feature faces.

Got it. So what kind of “neural face transformations” can it do?

Oh, you mean what filters does it have? FaceApp can change your face with the following filters:

 Smile &  Smile 2: This filter will add a smile to the face in the photo.
 Young: This filter will make the face younger.
 Old: This filter will make the face older.
 Female: This filter will give the face female features.
 Male: This filter will give the face male features.

How to take a photo and filter it with FaceApp

Launch FaceApp.
You’ll see a live view of your camera with a head-shaped overlay. The overlay disappears when the app detects a face. Position your face within the overlay.

When you’ve got the framing just right, tap the shutter button. FaceApp will immediately begin to process the photo.
When processing is complete, swipe through the filters and choose one. FaceApp will immediately begin to apply the filter.
Tap the save button (looks like an arrow pointing downward toward a line) or tap any of the share icons to share your new creation.


Download Face App from here
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Thursday, December 3, 2020

Gujarati to english dictionory

Gujarati to english dictionory

SSC CHSL(10+2) Recruitment 2020
Posts Name:

Lower Division Clerk (LDC)/Junior Secretariat Assistant (JSA)
Postal Assistant (PA)/Sorting Assistant (SA)
Data Entry Operator (DEO)
Data Entry Operator, Grade ‘A’

Total Posts:4893

Job Location:All India
SSC CHSL Vacancy Educational Qualification

Gujarati to english dictionory

For LDC/ JSA, PA/ SA, DEO (except DEOs in C&AG):Candidates must have passed 12th Standard or equivalent examination from a recognized Board or University.
For Data Entry Operator (DEO Grade ‘A’) in the Office of Comptroller and Auditor General of India (C&AG):12th Standard pass in Science stream with Mathematics as a subject from a recognized Board or equivalent.

Combined Higher Secondary (10+2) Level Examination Age Limit:
Age limit for the posts is 18-27 years as on 01-01-2021i.e.Candidates born not before 02-01-1994 and not later than 01-01-2003 are eligible to apply.

SSC CHSL(10+2) Recruitment 2020 Pay Scale
Lower Division Clerk (LDC)/Junior Secretariat Assistant (JSA): Pay Level-2 (Rs. 19,900-63,200).
Postal Assistant (PA)/Sorting Assistant (SA): Pay Level-4(Rs. 25,500-81,100).
Data Entry Operator (DEO): Pay Level-4(Rs. 25,500-81,100) and Level-5(Rs.29,200-92,300)
Data Entry Operator, Grade ‘A’: Pay Level-4(Rs. 25,500-81,100).

Gujarati to english dictionory
ગુજરાતી ટુ ઇંગ્લિશ ડિક્ષનરી ડાઉનલોડ કરો અહીંથી
How To Apply For This Vacancy
Applications must be submitted in only online mode at the official website of SSC Headquarters i.e. For detailed instructions, please refer to Annexure-III and Annexure-IV. Sample proforma of One-time Registration and online Application Form are attached as Annexure-IIIA and Annexure-IVA respectively.
In the online Application Form, candidates are required to upload the scanned colour passport size photograph in JPEG format (20 KB to 50 KB). The photograph should not be more than three months old from the date of publication of the Notice of Examination, and, the date on which the photograph has been taken should be clearly printed on the photograph. Applications without such date printed on the photograph will be rejected. Image dimension of the photograph should be about 3.5 cm (width) x 4.5 cm (height). The photograph should be without cap, spectacles and both ears should be visible.
Last date and time for submission of online applications is 15-12-2020(23:30).
Candidates are advised in their own interest to submit online applications much before the closing date and not to wait till the last date to avoid the possibility of disconnection/ inability or failure to login to the SSC website on account of heavy load on the website during the closing day

The Commission will not be responsible for the candidates not being able to submit their applications within the last date on account of the aforesaid reasons or for any other reason beyond the control of the Commission.
Before submission of the online application, candidates must check that they have filled correct details in each field of the form. After submission of the online application form, no change/ correction/ modification will be allowed under any circumstances. Requests received in this regard in any form like Post, Fax, Email,by hand, etc. shall not be entertained

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These apps will not let you know and will gradually empty your bank account

These apps will not let you know and will gradually empty your bank account, delete it now | Useful Information :- These apps will not let you know and will gradually empty your bank account, delete it now.

Google has become an integral part of our lives and each and every individual who utilizes a cell phone or a PC. The applications and administrations of the innovative goliath are famous, which likewise makes it an objective for cybercriminals.

As per another report from Kaspersky, a cybersecurity firm, online tricksters are or rather have been, coordinated to different Google administrations, for example, Calendar, Drive, Photos, among others, to bamboozle individuals for cash.

Rundown of Google applications that hoodlums intend to purge their financial balance:

1. Google Calendar: By making 'counterfeit' arrangements

Con artists send a phony greeting to the clients and not long before the occasion, they send updates. Programmers add solicitations to your Google Calendar account that send you an update that recommends you have a wire move in your financial balance and that you should finish the data by including the PIN number of the record.

2. Google Photos: By sharing photographs that 'guarantee' cash

As per Kaspersky, con artists use Google Photos to share photographs that remember remarks for abrupt guarantees of enormous cash moves. This is conceivable just when a client reacts to an email. "The beneficiary feels that it is an innocuous email from Google Photos with the heading" as someone imparted a photograph to you, yet it's really a trick to get cash from clients.

3. Google Maps: By making counterfeit business profiles

While this doesn't generally remove cash however it harms genuine organizations and wind up confounding clients too. Counterfeit postings are made on Google Maps and now and again clients may get fooled into managing counterfeit business ventures rather than the genuine ones.

Google Drive: By utilizing Cloud stockpiling

A great deal of phishing pages and malware that focus on clients' very own information – including bank subtleties – frequently discover their way on the Cloud through Google drive. Be careful with any dubious connections that you may get through Google Drive joins from obscure sources.

5. Google Storage: By counterfeit pictures and sites

The Kaspersky report says, "Google Storage is another vault of spam assets. These incorporate connections with sidetracks to counterfeit greeting pages and different pictures for use in spam mailings."

6. Google Forms: By sending counterfeit overviews and tests

The structure is one apparatus from Google that permits gathering data from clients through overviews and tests, which is the reason con artists effectively use it for making structures and surveys to gather individual client information and send undesirable business offers.

7. Google Analytics: Organizations are focused under this

Cybercriminals target Google Analytics, an apparatus that is utilized by numerous associations, by sending malignant connections that may contain text or pictures. The connection may have alluring subjects yet its primary objective is to gather individual and hierarchical information.
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Forest Department Recruitment for 1128 Forester and Forest Guard Posts in Rajasthan || Apply Online

Forest Department Recruitment for 1128 Forester and Forest Guard Posts in Rajasthan || Apply Online

Rajasthan pole range embark (RSMSSB) has agreed a Notification for the Recruitment of reforest security & Forester 1128 Post. individuals Candidates are involved in the next practice of RSMSSB Forester & woodland shield Recruitment 2020 & utter the mandatory Eligibility Criteria be capable of scan the chubby Notification and operate Online
NHIDCL Recruitment 2020 for Various Posts

Total Posts :- 1128

Forester – 87 Posts

Forest Guard -1041 Posts
◆ Important Dates

Start Date for Online Application: 08 December 2020

Last Date for Online Application: 07 January 2021
◆ Educational Qualification

Forest Guard – Applicant must be 10th lecture accepted and realization of Devanagari libretto Hindi and Rajasthan discernment

Forester – Applicant must be 12th class passed and realization of Devanagari Script Hindi and Rajasthan discernment
◆ Age Limit

Forest Guard – 18 years to 24 years

Forester – 18 years to 40 years
◆ Exam Fee

GEN/ OBC Creamy Layer: Rs. 450/-

BC/ OBC Non Creamy Layer: Rs. 350/-

SC/ ST Candidates: Rs. 250/-

State Bank of India (SBI) Recruitment for 2000 (PO) Posts 2020
◆ Physical Standard

Candidates Height Chest

Male 163 CM 84-89 CM

Female 150 CM 79-84 CM

Male (ST) 152 CM 84-89 CM

Female (ST) 145 CM 79-84 CM

Surat Smart City Recruitment 2020 For Various Post

◆ How to Apply

Eligible and involved people be able to join for RSMSSB Recruitment 2021 through online type on authorized website from 08 December to 07 January 2021. They are too requisite to keep details on SSO –

Rajasthan tree-plant subdivision By Recruitment & 1128 Forester and afforest protection Posts & request Online.

☑️ Important Link 

RSMSSB job Notification :-
Click Here

Official Website :-
Click Here

Apply Online :-
Click Here
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